Good, better and the best ! (Part II)

“In God we trust, all others must bring data” – by W. Edwards Deming

  1. The above quote has become my favorite these days, I use it as my work tagline. The trust part is very important and so is important the power to convince. Even if there is a data discrepancy, be compassionate and keep ready a strong reason for any questions that come across for the data you fetch. Provide the help and answers to pacify any anxieties about the data. We all need help!
  2. There is absolutely no harm in learning a bit about the basic implementation details of your data tool, comes in very handy when talking with the developers, tech team or raising a bug. Isn’t it an addition to your skillset, go for it. You end up feeling like an intelligent horse.
  3. Remember data analytics firms respect their users and visitors, users have enough power to block cookies or choke tracking. Respect your customers, clients and user privacy.
  4. There are appropriate limitations of each tool or process, try working around them rather pushing the wrong buttons and wasting energy of what cannot be achieved.

Quick Tip:

Don’t worry if you have data problem, forget about the day, use the month. Always a good idea to use graphs, relative percentages and trendlines, they are worth it.