Campaign URL builder and how you can use it !

campaign url builder

URL builder is a supporting pillar when you have a clear Marketing Campaign Strategy and multiple mediums to support your website or the product. It is used to create links that can be tracked using the web analytics tools.

Different campaigns you can have and track:

1.    Email marketing

2.    Social media posts

3.    Special week campaigns

We can track different campaigns depending upon our UTM parameters like if we want to know how many people visited us from A type of email campaign vs B type of campaign. Tracking traffic from Facebook, Instagram and other social media can be helpful after analyzing our data for deciding the marketing budget.

UTM parameters are tags that you add to your special URL. These are the parameters that are added to the normal URL.


Must be there:

1. Campaign Source: This is a must to determine what source are you trying to track, example: referral, newsletter, search-engine.

2. Campaign Medium: You will for sure need this to know if the medium is email, Facebook, google or something else.

3. Campaign Name: This is absolutely a must because this will determine your campaign success in short, example: april_bonanza, sale_summers, newsletter2017.


May be there:

4. Campaign Term: This can be used to specify the keywords if using paid search.

5. Campaign Content: This can be used if more information is required like sending two links within the same email or about the same type of monthly advertisement but for different group of users, eg A/B testing.

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