Let’s get Chatty, “Voice Analytics” !

Let's get chatty !

The more I hear, more I wonder. There has been lot of buzz about voice and speech analytics. Improving user experience, more interaction and personalized marketing. Teaching AI is the new buzz, so throwing some light on who do we have as smart assistants talking to us !

Amazon Alexa: Amazon has hit the nail on head with launching Alexa, a personal assistant service that enable customers to interact in a instinctual method. Abilities like answering simple, general questions and working on commands like setting alarm and much more. It’s a cloud application and keeps getting better. Look out for Alexa enabled devices.

Apple Siri: Created by Apple as smart intelligent assistant for Apple devices. Siri is a smart approach to tackle the user’s day to day functions in a more automatic manner. Watch out Siri, lot of people are coming after you. Gossip is that the stats are gone down for Siri since the new voice assistants have been launched.

Google Assistant: Google Assistant is a smart assistant that can interact and search information. It can have a two way conversation. It was first launched as Google Allo app. It then got extended to various devices. Both voice and typing is accepted by this helping assistant. As always Google initiates, it brought tools so that developers can add some services to the assistant.

Microsoft Cortana: Launched as a voice virtual assistant, it’s quite comparable to Siri but made for Windows. Works on user information and takes in command to take actions. It can find information for you and work on previous event information or as the user feeds. The more the info the better the assistant gets.

Samsung Bixby: A complete package voice assistant, a soldier to compete with Cortana, Alexa and other assistants. Made to help in easing device interaction, controlling multiple functions across several devices is the plan. Interpreting the information and taking actions, all the best Bixby !

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