You want to know it better (Mobile Metrics Part 2)

Users by country

This is a helpful metrics when you have visitors from around the geography accessing your content. You will see Users by Top 5 countries.

Retention Analysis (talk of the town)

First launches

The number of first Launches by the unique users.

Return launches

The number of repeat launches at least once during subsequent months. It highlights the specific users who launched the app during the initial mentioned month and then came back with more launches during subsequent months, talks about the stickiness of your content.


Number of times the app was downloaded per day, week or as required.

A division of Pathing Reports

Action Paths

So much you can do to analyze the user navigation through the app pages or flow of user movement across the page. Basic understanding of how the user jumps between app screens.

View Paths

Data that helps you analyze the sequence of actions that the users perform on the app like clicking, selections and many more events.