R for your data needs, try it now !

R for your data needs, try it now !

R can be your saving boat, the ship in the sea and the solid road towards data extraction and manipulation as and when required.

Easy method described below to fetch data from SiteCat using [Rsitecat package].

Prerequisites: R installed with R studio on your desktop, it is an open source tool !

Setting up your code environment:

0. You need to install Rsitecat package

1. Login to your SiteCat account

2. Access your web-service access id, a user will need to know the username and shared key accessible from the admin tab.

3. Include RSiteCat library in your code

code: if(!require(RSiteCatalyst)) install.packages(“RSiteCatalyst”) library(RSiteCatalyst)

4. To access data from Report Suite in Adobe SiteCat

code: SCAuth(key, secret)

5. Major chunk of pulling the data with below given set of instructions


report = QueueRanked(reportsuite.id = reportsuite.id,

date.from = start.date,

date.to = end.date,

metrics = metrics,

elements = object which has defined metric names,

search.type = search.type,

search = search,

top = top,

start = start,

segment.id = segments,

interval.seconds = 5 or as required,

max.attempts = 10 or as required,

enqueueOnly = FALSE/TRUE)

6. To save data to a file

write.csv(report, “my_report.csv”)

Simple ain’t it, practice makes all of us perfect. Feel free to ask questions or comment if you have any diff solutions.