“Caught My Eye” – Let’s talk about “Content Writing”

Quick tips to write that blog you have been thinking about for quite sometime now or writing a product description or marketing your restaurant. I hope you are comfortable on your chair and ready for fast facts.

1. Be precise and to the context –

Best method is to line up your thoughts and create a rough draft before finalizing the write-up for the viewers. Crisp and to the point content which is easy to scan for the reader always gets higher engagement. I loved a quote from the movie “The Post”, “Quality and profitability go hand-in-hand.”

2. User Design –

This is more of a technical design requirement but always good to build your strategy when starting a content page. The structure of the paragraphs, the font of the writing, the buttons like favorite, share and adding a review section. Users like to scroll but not much, pagination is always a good idea rather squeezing all the elements on one page.

3. Jargons –

Be sure that the person reading the content will not be customary of your daily dictionary. Try and avoid using too many jargons or area specifically words, this helps in catering to larger audience.

4. Value proposition –

This is a very interesting theory I came across while writing engaging content, when you finish your description about a product, process or a POC (*jargon* – proof of concept) – few things you should keep in mind while forming the content.

–       Have you targeted your desired viewers

–       Explained Your Product well enough

–       Have you answered the problem questions for your viewers

–       Do not forget to explain the extra element that makes your content stand out among your competitors

5. Talk about the uncommon things –

In today’s digital age there are various competitors, bloggers and social marketing involved for the user to engage in number of different descriptions which affect decisions. To make your content shine talk about the content in terms of what extra does the user gets from reading your content.

Example: videos available for the recipe, free demo of the gym-class, join this traveler group, free trial of the product you want to buy. An extra day free at the hotel, low prices offered on the usage of the specific coupons. No harm in providing a brownie at the end.