Native Apps vs Hybrid Apps (uno)

Mobile usage as seeing an incessant push since last few years. To trust the statistics, it up at 52% with respect to web at 48% of user access. A very interesting dilemma when we need an App for a product.

Should we go for a native app or a hybrid one, which will be more efficient – take a quick look and I might be able to answer few of your questions.

Few questions you need to ask yourself before quoting or planning for an App development cycle.

1.    Time restriction and expectation

2.    Cost speculation and estimation

3.    User audience and hardware to be used

4.    Aim, intent and objective to create an app

What is a Native App

Native app is developed particularly for a dedicated operating system keeping in mind the interface, the backend properties, the supported features and engaged audience.

They are created with respect to the hardware and best app properties available through a platform. It will run dedicatedly on a single platform like iOS or android for example. Native app supports certain particular features of a hardware, platform and software language.

Keeping in mind few factors like time, money, audience – it becomes an important decision to be made.

  • Cost

Native App are expensive as they are dedicated and need more precision to run on systems and particular hardware. They need specific tools and skills as per devices, hardware, operating systems.

  • Time

They need time and precision to be build according to the best standards and play well whenever pushed on a system.

  • Coding and development Language

Java for android, Objective C for iOS, C/C++ combination of languages for Blackberry phones, etc