Mixed Martial Arts from Google! AdSense + Ads (AdWords)

I usually call Google monetization as Mixed Martial Arts because there is no better way to monetize and advertise your business using Google platform.

The very Important difference between Adwords and Adsense

  • Adwords is for advertisers – when you want to sell and build your presence. You are a lessee (looking for space to rent)
  • Adsense is for publishers – when you run a website and earn for your interesting content, articles, whitepapers and research (very common in today’s influencer marketing and social reachability). You are a leaser (Looking to rent a space).
  • AdWords customers pay to run display ads on sites across the WORLDWIDEWEB and place their business on high traffic websites to create max LEAD GENERATION/ CONVERSION.
  • Think of AdSense as the virtual billboard/ signplace that allows owners to accept display ads on their website for a certain amount of money which actually earns thems a lot. Everybody wins here.

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