Banana Strawberry Pancakes from scratch

Time: 15 Min

Serves: 2 (Stack of 4)

Ingredients and Quantity:

1. All purpose flour (Maida) (1 cup of measuring cup), 1/2 cup of Milk

2. Banana (1), fresh strawberries sliced

3. Baking Powder (1 teaspoon)

4. Egg (1)

5. Vanilla Extract (1 teaspoon)

6. Flat Skillet/ Pan

7. Butter

8. Maple Syrup (We bought it from the supermarket)



How to make some yummy homemade pancakes:

  1. Take a bowl to prepare the pancake batter, 1 cup of All purpose flour, add baking powder, 1 egg and some vanilla extract. Mash some banana or add small pieces of the banana to the batter.
  2. Add half cup milk or till the batter becomes smooth and ready to be put on the skillet.
  3. Keep the batter for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Put some butter on the skillet and move it in circular direction, add the batter in amounts to make small circular pancakes.
  5. Note: Pancake is the quick to make, it should be done in 2-3 seconds. The gas should be on medium range. The upper side would come out to be fluffy and dark while the lower side will be darker and flat. YAY!
  6. Drop in some fresh strawberries or your fav fruit to top the pancakes and drizzle some        maple syrup.

Enjoy some homemade pancakes.