3 Must Places to Visit near Dalhousie!

1. Daikund Peak
A beautiful sight you wouldn’t want to miss, with or without family, a must visit when In Dalhousie. The road to Daikund peak is only for seasonal drivers so ask for a local cab. You will have to climb up some steps around 30 – 45 minutes to reach the peak.

Every step is worth a climb, you will get a beautiful view of snow on all the sides. While climbing you will find locals with little rabbits.

When you reach the peak, don’t forget to buy a cup of tea or a plate of Maggi from the only old man sitting there, he has daughters going to school and the only person to support his family.

2. Khajjar – A beautiful valley area which resembles to Swiss Topography, thus it has been called as the Mini Switzerland. Always flocking with visitors and tourists, it’s become one of the main spots for accessing paragliding rangers or riding a horse.
This place has few restaurants where you can relax for your lunch, and the view of the valley is serene to help you drop your mental baggage and appreciate the nature.
Quick grabs:
1. Aloo chaat
2. Horse-Riding
3. Paragliding
4. Photography

3. PanchPula – Magic midst the mountains, you can trek to the small waterfall or stop by the cafes to quickly eat some hot soup. The zip lining is definitely a must try and run by two wonderful folks.

1. Try the cafes
2. Zip Lining should be on your top list – Looks like a good way to enjoy an adventure trip
3. The beautiful waterfall – absolute to click some pictures