Shoe that fit all sizes

I can’t carry my desktop or my laptop in an #Uber but still want to shop that crazy hat for the next pool party. Ouch – the new handmade store doesn’t do well on my mobile phone.

Now let me pop the question – Why is Responsive Web Design an absolute need of the hour.

Responsive design is quantitative and qualitative approach of building a website which runs accurately well on most of the differently abled and sized devices used very commonly today. Not just mobile friendly but fits into any screen size. Major areas of focus are design, user experience, fluidity and navigational simplicity.

Why do we need Responsive designs:

1.    Easier to maintain and debug a single website instead of many versions. You need to be with the dev-ops and QA folks on this. This will help in controlling the dev cost, the build time and lower down the expenditure on testing and scrum phases. THINK of that!

2.    Mobile Usage has been increasing by a constant north past 5 years. Take a look at this cool statistics Mobile Vs Desktop. Not a great fan of statistics or probability but conscience and observations – din’t you use your mobile phone like 2 minutes ago to check something random or add something to your – to buy list. Thanks to all the wonderful apps and high fibre connectivity – its time to focus on multi-device user experience.

3.    It’s easy and affordable to check on things using a mobile phone instead of carrying a desktop or a laptop around. User and usage are two important metrics while taking your development decisions. Have you ever counted the number of devices that are used today, laptop, mobile phones, Ipads, smart watches, xbox, VR mounts and so on.

4.    Geo-Location based advertising is on a high rise, isn’t it cool to understand user choices and preferred experiences even on the go and spend in the right direction. There are so many powerful tools launched by several data analytics giants that reaching and engaging your target customer base is much more easier.